PC: Kylie Vanderheiden

PC: Kylie Vanderheiden


Ryan John Lee is a photographer/filmmaker based in New York City. He is a longtime resident of the East Village.

Street photography is a lifestyle, with my camera as a silent, omnipresent partner. I approach street photography in two ways: hunting and waiting. I hunt for potential moments and respond accordingly to photograph their image. Additionally, I wait for ideal photographic scenarios (a beam of light, an interesting composition), and I linger until a subject approaches and interacts--sometimes for hours.

My past clients have included Columbia University, The Wall Street Journal, Google Creative Labs, Katonah Museum of Art, Tic Tac USA, Variety Magazine, Smart Car, Gen Art, Moroccan Oil, Fjallraven, Love wild Design Frank151, Major Food Group, Men’s Journal, the Beatrice Inn, Just Food, Autograph Hotels, Dempseys NYC, and Coopers Pub. You can get a glimpse of my current work on my Instagram account @RyanJohnLee.

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